"Endless enthusiasm - Delicate... with an incredible presence....Noone could say from where her Vocal Power was coming from... as well as her very quiet, almost imperceptible sounds. It was like Magic..."


                                              Christiane Tietjen,

                                              Weser Kurrier Bremen 

"Nihan Devecioglu's soft and rich voice, woven with the purest of all emotions, spreads all across the Venue..."

                                                       Eva Bartylla,

                                                       Nordbayerischer Kurier

"A Young, energized woman;

a strong voice; a singer who found her passion for a very special discipline."


                                              Andrea Hinterseer,

                                              Echo Magazine

"Under the Stuttgart disco ball in the Wagenhallen...

not only flowed many musical styles into a coherent, dynamic form of expression,
it was also the star of Nihan Devecioglu that has risen up.”


                                                           Jan Georg Plavec, 

                                                           Stuttgarter Zeitung



"Nihan Devecioglu is a singer who reflects three aspects at once:

an immensely clear and flexible voice,

a great sensitivity in musical interaction with other musicians

and a particularly wide stylistic horizon."


                      Press Release of the Munich

                         Music Award 2013



“...Her singing,

mostly with eyes closed, resembles meditations,

in tones of leading Memories of love and life
amidst nature... ..


                                                             Simon Neubauer

                                                              Weser Kurier


"The powerful, full voice of mezzo-soprano Nihan Devecioglu devoted

itself to Italian music from the 16th century. Arias by Claudio Monteverdi,

Alessandro Grandi, and Stefano Bernardi sounded
in every coloratura elegant and rich in form.«


                                                              Rheinhold Tietz