Nihan Solo 

Nihan Devecioglu & Sasha Agranov

Nostalgia. The Sea of Memories

Nihan Devecioglu // Voice & Electronics

Sasha Agranov // Cello & Electronics 

In this musical and poetic journey, the Turkish singer Nihan Devecioglu and the Israeli cellist Sasha Agranov, create a magical fusion of their soundscapes.

They create a personal and unique sound, mixing experimental, classical, traditional Turkish, Jewish, Middle Eastern music, ancient music with own poetry in Turkish and Hebrew.

​In this concert, besides Baroque music you can hear the traditional music of the Sephardim, songs from Italy, Greece and Armenia, and Portuguese fado. The viola da gamba, that most feeling of instruments, is grounded here by the traditional music of the Mediterranean. Together with guitarist Xavier Díaz-Latorre, Friederike Heumann and Turkish singer Nihan Deveciogˇ lu explore new forms of expression in these Mediterranean worlds of sound.

NIhan Devecioglu // Voice

Friederike Heumann // Viola da Gamba & Lirone

Xavier Diaz - Latoree // Theorbe & Barock Guitar

Nihan Devecioglu & The Single Camels 

Breath Song // Klangwelten

Creation, choreography and interpretation: 

Spela Vodeb, Sol Vázquez, Matías Marré
Performed by: Matías Marré Medina, Spela Vodeb, Sol vázquez, Nihan Devecioglu


Nihan Devecioglu, Javier Gamazo

In this performance, circus and dance langages melt together revealing new dimensions of the objects, the others or ourselves always in dialogue with the sensible power of the voice and music of Nihan Devecioglu. A highly emotional and spectacular trip through multiple forces that transport the bodies and move the imagination.

DEAL // A Dance & Circus Creation

The Hidden Song // Das verborgene Lied

Story and Music by Nihan Devecioglu 

Choreography and Dance by Ceren Oran

Stage and Costume Design by Pelin Büyükkarabiber

Premiered on 16th June 2016 at Import Export Munich

A Production by the Gallery Kullukcu & Gregorian

Nihan Devecioglu and her Band "the Single Camels" sing stories from all around the World.


They connect traditional sounds with new Music and take the Audience to a magical journey

from Catalonia to France, from Napoli to Bosphorus, from Greece to Armenia. 

Breath, Song is an independent Music project created by Nihan, New York based composer Jeffrey Lependorf and Istanbul based composer/live electronics artist Barkin Engin. The Concert programme is based on researching different forms of music styles and cultures. The voice is the center of the connection between the shakuhaci flute and live electronics. Original compositions and free improvisation. Breath, Song was performed in New York, Ankara and Munich. Nihan has received for this project the music award of the Cultural Department of Munich 2013. 

Nihan Devecioglu // Voice

Julien Chanal // Guitar

Sasha Agranov // Cello 

Didac Ruiz Lazaro // Percussion

Juan Carlos Buchan Ayalan // Doublebass