The Essence of Voice 


In this workshop, we do not learn how to sing. We do not make music. Together, we will uncover the music that already fills and surrounds us. We will peel the layers of protection that have been obstructing our true nature in order to get closer to our essence.


“The Essence of Voice” workshop is based on the principles of “Embodied VoiceWork” method that was developed by the award-winning singer and improviser Lisa Sokolov. Sokolov’s exciting and established method aims to find and free our voices by connecting into sensing our bodies. Our tools will include breath, tone, touch, imagery and vocal improvisation. Using these tools, we will give voice to what we hear and what we feel.


Our vocal workshop will also include various modalities that will help you to connect with your own voice in accordance with your own needs, and your cultural, physical and musical backgrounds. These modalities will draw from the disciplines of voice science and music therapy as well as traditional vocal training and supporting methods such as yoga, movement, dance and speech training. We will also use bodywork techniques that will help us increase our awareness of our sensations through the use of all our five senses. It will allow us to release the physical tensions, move more freely, feel more fully and breathe more deeply.

This workshop is to embody the voice, to come more fully into our body, our sound, our music and our expressiveness, integrating and supporting the breath, the body, the being and the sound of an individual. All these aspects flow into, work together and continually act upon, serve and influence one another. 


  • • To land into the present moment. 

  • • To come to meet your body and feel more grounded. 

  • • To come to meet the information inside of yourself and within the music. 

  • • to become located in time and space, to feel where and how you inhabit and stand in your body, in space, in this moment. 

  •  • to improvise and sing more freely and expressively

  • • to become more fluent in the language of music. 

  • • to awaken the Listening skills both internally and externally. 

  • • to discover your own Voice and to open to a powerful experience of emotional, energetic and expressive aliveness that will help you to build up a more healthy relationship with yourself and others. 

Besides Vocalists, Musicians, Dancers and Actors this vocal workshop is open for EVERYONE who wants to discover and improve their awareness through the Voice. 


To participate no previous Singing experience / technique or musical knowledge is required.