Released 4th September 2020

by ACCENT Records Germany

Early Baroque Music meets Mediterranian Traditional Songs

Greek, Sephardic, Calabrian, Lebanese, Turkish, Apulian, Portuguese, Armenian traditional and improvised music


The Mediterranean region as a cultural melting pot: along with baroque music by Cavalli, Grandi and Rossi, traditional Sephardic music, songs from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Armenia as well as Portuguese Fado are performed. The viola da gamba as the instrument of the finest sensitivity is grounded here by traditional music of the Mediterranean: Friederike Heumann and the Turkish singer Nihan Devecioglu explore together with the Catalan lutenist Xavier Díaz-Latorre new means of expression of Mediterranean soundscapes - as sensual and beguiling as the spices and scents of the Orient.  



Released 18th February 2019

by Whatabout Music Label in Barcelona

The debut album from Turkish singer Nihan Devecioglu. Eleven beautifully crafted songs created through electronic processing of the voice and other experimental sound sources. Featuring collaborations with Israeli cellist Sasha Agranov, musician Gustavo Kusnir, and producer Barkin Engin.

Produced by : Dave Bianchi & Nihan Devecioglu
Recorded @ Dry Town Studios, Barcelona
photography : Laura Soriano

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Released 20th June 2019

by Whatabout Music Label Barcelona

Led by Turkish singer Nihan Devecioglu, the Single Camels is a truly international group, with members from France, Mexico, Israel and Spain . They fuse together a mix of traditional music coming from Turkey, Armenia, Azarbaijan, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and original compositions as well.

credits /

Nihan Devecioglu : vocals
Sasha Agranov : cello
Julien Chanal : guitars
Juan Carlos Buchan Ayala : bass
Didac Ruiz : percussion

recorded live in Dry Town Studio in winter 2018 with Dave Bianchi